I Love Food

One of the biggest reasons I started Lilli-Pilli was so that I could make great food with complete control over the ingredients that went into it. The Pacific Northwest is incredibly rich in produce, easily accessible dairies, and people with a passion for amazing food.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what goes into my products because running a sustainable and conscientious business is one of my biggest goals. Part of that equation is being accountable for every product I put into my food, and making sure that the people who enjoy my food can know exactly what goes into it.

While the ingredients on this webpage constitute the core components of my tasty treats, they can change from one week to the next. Food is a fluid industry with massive price fluctuations and availability restrictions (think of cocoa production in politically unstable countries, or Washington State cherries caught in a sudden cold snap). Even if changes are inevitable, I always strive to make conscientious decisions based on quality and environmental and social impact.

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—Rhiannon Devine